Wedding Poem Feedback

The most rewarding part of writing wedding poems is receiving feedback. I want to create  poems that people love and give them something unique to use as they wish on their special day.  All of the medieval poems below were performed or read at weddings and some were also printed on service sheets.
I just wish I could be there to watch the amazing medieval weddings!


Anna that's absolutely fabulous!  It had me chuckling as I read it out loud (as I didn't know what was coming!) and then a big lump in my throat at the last line.....  I love it.  Thank you."

Cheryll-Lynne, UK

"Wow, Anna that's amazing!  We absolutely love it and think our guests will too!!"

Sarah, Hampshire, UK.

"Can't wait to have it read out and see everyone's faces. I know they'll all love it as much as me and Wayne."

Louisa, UK

Got it ! Perfect ! Thank you heaps n heaps !
Lynn, Scotland.


"Awesome  :) Thank you so much! I absolutely love it! It really has become the last piece of what we needed for our ceremony, and to complete the beginning of our lives together!"


This poem is perfect and the more I read it, the more I love it.  You have done a wonderful job and thank you so much for all you have done"

Glenda, South Africa (wow!)

 "Hi Anna we read your poem out at our wedding on Sunday and it went down a storm. Both sets of parents would like us to do them a copy . All of our guests commented on it and we got lots of laughs especially about Jase's cod piece. Thank you so much for your poem it was perfect. Thanks Claire & Jase."

Claire, UK.

 "Dear Anna, we are absolutely thrilled with the poem, it's more than we ever hoped for! What a clever gift you have!"

Syrena, UK.

"We love it. You hit everything right on the head. I love the border. Please send me the address or link to send a donation. Thank you for taking so much time out of your vacation to work on this. You truely are a gifted and blessed poet." 

Vanessa Valens, USA  (I had 3 days to write this one!)


“Sir Ade of the Glade” has brought great amusement to all my family and friends. Anna has captured our personalities and individual quirks with outstanding insight and wit.  I haven’t tired of reading this poem time and time again! I would highly recommend “The Medieval Poet” to all!"

Rebecca Jones, UK


"Friends of ours were tying the knot in a Medieval Ceremony and although we were unable to attend the Wedding, I wanted to give them a Gift that they would remember forever. After some research, I found Lady Anna’s Poetry Website, but when I realized that I would have to share some personal details about the couple’s life together in order for her to write their story, I was a little hesitant. Well, needless to say, I took a leap of faith, emailed her, and right from her initial responses to my inquiry and throughout the pleasant process, I found her to be genuine, warm, friendly, imaginative, competent and professional. The Wedding Poem that resulted from our communication was more beautiful and true to life, than I could have ever imagined. Her patience and sincere desire to craft a piece that would delight and inspire, ultimately created a work of art that was so loved and cherished by the wedding couple, that the bride actually called to thank my husband and I, the day after her wedding. Not only had our Gift of Poetry, brought laughter and joy to all her guests that attended her reception, but she admittedly had a ‘romantic gem’ that would remain in their hearts forever. I believe that Lady Anna’s Medieval Poetry makes the perfect gift to give to family and friends and an even more unique gift from a bride to her groom and vice versa. Actually, I believe that a personal piece of poetry is an ideal gift for any celebrated occasion and all you need is courage and a little imagination to make someone in this world, feel really special. Thank you Lady Anna for making us all feel special, happy writing..."

Cindy Allan, British Columbia, Canada.