How it Works

Phone 0121 448 3443 or e-mail: to check availability.

Anna Whitehouse

To begin creating your poem, I will send you some questions via e-mail to help me get to know you and your story. Once I've written a first draft I'll e-mail it to you.

At this stage anything can be altered. My aim is to create a quirky and individual creation that you will love.  All personal information is carefully disposed of once your poem is completed.Once you are happy with any adjustments, I will e-mail your finished poem as a PDF (in calligraphic font and delicately bordered) 

"Grahame and Wynne may your love burn as bright,

as the radiant star Grahame saw that first night.

Born days apart, who then would have guessed,

that together you'd find, 'true love at its best.'"